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Hypnotherapy With Craig Preedy Cert. Hyp CS

About me

Throughout my career, I have always been in jobs that have involved regular interactions with people. As a former manager of call centres and in coaching and development, I understand how active listening can help support the people you interact with.  

This skill helps me to understand your problems, and allows me to work with you and help you find solutions to whatever troubles you.

It was my role as a driving instructor that led me to become intrigued with how people deal with aspects of driving, as well as the factors that hold them back.

Many students over the years have shown signs of anxiety and stress and I have supported them as best I could, however, I felt that I could do more. Consequently I trained as a hypnotherapist and have used hypnotherapy with great success for some of my students and the students of colleagues.

I am now a qualified hypnotherapist.  Cert. Hyp CS. I am also studying towards a Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory. (Dip CST).

As a hypnotherapist, I now want to use my skills to support anyone who finds aspects of their life challenging.