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Hypnotherapy With Craig Preedy Cert. Hyp CS


Its great to receive feedback about how I have helped people. Here are a few testimonials from some of my more recent clients.

“I enjoyed experiencing the different hypnotherapy relaxation techniques.  I felt very comfortable in your presence and felt you genuinely cared about my issues and wanting to help me” - JG

“I didn't know what to expect but I can't believe how much hypnotherapy helped me, I was so calm taking my driving test” - KP

“Thank you for suggesting hypnotherapy to help my daughter through her driving test, it changed her from an anxious teenager who struggled with

exam situations to a calm and confidant young woman who passed her test first time. Thank you so much for your help” - BT

“I was very concerned about travelling to certain countries for my work. I could not sleep and was nervous about the approaching trip. This concern and worry was caused by general opinions from others about these countries, and also from a previous bad experience in another country where I had had a rather intimidating experience. Craig’s approach helped me enormously to understand and see the situation realistically. Understanding and learning in this way made me realise and understand the real situation which was not the situation that had been created in my mind. Craig’s style of work is "to the point and focusing on the target that needs to be achieved". No “wishy-washy” but a "no nonsense approach" targeting the result which was essential to achieve. Essential to remain successful and self confident.

Many Thanks Craig!” - LJ

“I was having problems with nerves on my driving test, having already failed multiple times I decided to try hypnosis. I had a few sessions with Craig, where he instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He tailored the sessions to my specific situation and was overall very professional. Needless to say next time I took my driving test I felt more in control of my nerves and managed to pass.” - RR