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Hypnotherapy With Craig Preedy Cert. Hyp CS

Driving test nerves, exam stress, public speaking

Confidence and Self Esteem, Procrastination,

Relaxation - learn to take time out for yourself

As I develop more services they will be added here.

Anxiety, Stress, Worry

Fears and Phobias

Stop Smoking, break habits

Weight Loss

Below are some examples of how hypnotherapy could help you.

When we meet, our first meeting will be a getting to know you session. You to know me and me to know you. From this meeting I will then be able to tailor future sessions specifically to you.

I do recommend that you talk to your GP before starting any alternative treatments.

Your level of commitment leads to the best outcomes, results my vary.


Hypnotherapy can help with many things.

Here is an example. Please contact me to discuss anything else.

Coming Soon

You might be apprehensive about contacting me and that's OK. But ask yourself, what is your Goal? where are you right now? (Reality), what are your Options and do you have the Will to try something different to help you achieve your goal?

Are you ready to GROW?

How can I help?

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

― Confucius